What are Admin Rights?
Last Updated: 01/31/2018

Admin Rights are granted to individuals within a firm that gives them access to more tools within Confirmation.com than the typical user. It is good to assign one or two admins at a firm so that they can streamline workflow and avoid inefficiencies. Here are some of the things that Admin’s can do:

  1. Change the Lead Auditor to Transfer Client Profiles
    Normally you have to be the lead auditor to change to another. The admin can override and change it for anyone.
  2. Deactivate User Profiles
    Only an admin or customer service can deactivate a person so that they can no longer log in.
  3. Share Client Profiles
    Normally only the lead auditor can share their profile. The admin can override and change it for anyone.
  4. Download a Confirmation Status Report
    This gives you the status of all the confirmations for a client.
  5. Download Response Time Report
    Want to know your response times for confirmations? This report gives you percentages of confirmations that fall into 1-6 business days. It also provides your longest wait, shortest wait, and average response time.
  6. Download Office Activity (Billing) Report
    This is a billing report. It can be selected for a date range and is mostly used by Accounts Payable to easily reconcile charges to the Credit Card statement. As well as track and bill the charges back to the client.
  7. Download Client Detail Report
    This gives a full detailed report for all of your inactive and active clients as well as the lead auditor for each.

As you can see, the Admin has a lot of additional and useful functions that can help improve your efficiency while using Confirmation.com. If you don’t have one, consider having someone adopt that role.  To request Admin Rights, contact us at customer.support@confirmation.com.