Confirmation: Setting the standard for security

Dated confirmation methods don’t protect your client’s data and are susceptible to fraud. Confirmation’s digital platform is the only way to ensure the process is secure from start to finish, limiting risk for you and your clients.

Every person validated

  • Confirmation is the only service that validates the business details of both auditors and bankers before they can use the platform.
  • This ensures that the right information is going to the right person, every time, reducing the risk of financial statement fraud.
  • A user cannot electronically sign someone else’s name on a confirmation.
  • All user activity is logged in the platform, creating a digitized and reliable trail of all confirmation work done during an audit.

End-to-end security

  • All signatures, attachments, and completed confirmation documents are protected using AES-256 encryption, eliminating the risk of financial data being accessed by an unauthorized party.
  • Confirmation’s services exceed industry standards and pass hundreds of security and compliance reviews each year.
  • We undergo all three Service Organization Control (SOC) exams annually, providing additional assurance on our commitment to security.
  • More than 16,000 audit firms and 4,000 validated banks and departments trust Confirmation with their clients’ data.

Fraud prevention

  • Confirmation has helped uncover billions of dollars in fraud.
  • Here are a few you may have heard of: $215 million fraud at Peregrine Financial Group, $6 million fraud at Shepherd Major Play Fund, and $160 million at China MediaExpress.
  • Confirmation limits the possibility of data loss and helps ensure the data has not been compromised. Outdated methods like fax, mail, or email simply don’t compare.

Integrated solutions

  • Confirmation’s secure integrations, including APIs, allow audit firms and banks to automate confirmation requests and responses, reducing errors and intentional fraud.