How to deactivate users
Last Updated: 02/05/2018

When audit personnel leave a firm, it’s always important to deactivate them within To get started, make sure you read our blog post about How to Transfer Clients and complete this step first.

The final step is to deactivate old users so that their username and password no longer work. They will remain in our records for seven years for auditing purposes, but they will no longer be able to log in. Here are a couple of ways to do this:

Option One
Ask the person with Admin Rights at your firm to deactivate them following these instructions:
1. Go to the Administration Tab
2. Click Edit Auditor
3. Click the Auditor Name you want to deactivate
4. Under User Status check the box marked Inactive

Option Two
Contact our customer support at 1-866-325-7201 or and ask them to deactivate the old users.

Deactivating old accounts is important and simple to do. It's a good idea to have at least one person in charge of managing this task on an annual basis. The best way to make sure that everyone is up to date and has access that should, is to run an active user report. Click here to learn how to run this report. If you want someone to have Admin access, simply contact us at