Speed up and simplify your audit confirmations


Reduce the audit confirmation process from weeks to just days


Manage the complete digital confirmation process in one platform


Our robust data-security system keeps your clients’ data safe

Bank confirmations

Reduce response time and save more than 50% on costs

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Legal confirmations

Oversee the entire process to reduce delays and stress

Account receivable & payable

Automate messages to clients’ customers

EBP/401(k) confirmations

Streamline your work and stick to federal requirements

Private equity confirmations

Verify outstanding shares electronically

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Confirmation makes the audit process better

How can Confirmation help you? Our audit platform makes your confirmation work fast and easy, plus it’s secure. Watch now to learn more.

How efficient could you be?

Learn how Clark Nuber, P.S., saved time and money by centralizing the audit confirmation process

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100% time one admin spends on confirmation in busy season
30 auditors freed up to do more valuable work

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