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We can help you quickly and easily verify financial data, like bank references, VOD, reverifications, and government benefits eligibility (HUD). Plus, we guarantee a response from in-network banks.

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Bank references

Make more informed decisions before extending credit to your customers.

Guaranteed response

Over 1,000 banks, including 50 of the top 100, are in our network, and their responses are guaranteed.

Accurate information

No more back-and-forth; our digital platform eliminates communication problems and user error.


Speed up your mortgage post-closing audits by sending original VOD or statements to the bank of your choice.

Centralized dashboard

Confirmation organizes your work in one place online. Say goodbye to faxing and filing. Everything you need is now at your fingertips.

Quicker responses

Banks prefer receiving your requests through Confirmation, and their responses are faster when you do.

Verification of deposit

Establish your client’s account balances quickly and securely, all in once place, before loan terms are extended.

Efficient process

Eliminate manual, redundant work and duplicate requests. Some banks report up to 90 percent time savings.

Secure platform

Your clients’ data is safer here. Our services exceed industry standards and pass hundreds of security audits each year.

Government benefits eligibility (HUD)

Verify your clients’ historical account balances in just a few simple steps.

Quick response

Getting started takes just a few minutes, and a response to your government benefits eligibility request is guaranteed from our in-network banks, and you’ll usually get it in just a few hours.

Streamlined process

Our secure, cloud-based platform means you’ll organize all your HUD responses in one spot that’s accessible from any browser. Plus, HUD requests are free to send with Confirmation!

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