Fees and Credit Policy

Fees outlined in this document are in U.S. Dollars and are subject to change.

In-Network Confirmations

Standard. For each entity to which you send standard in-network confirmations, the fee is $26.00 per account confirmed for each of the first fifteen (15) accounts at that entity for the same balance request date per client. After the first 15, additional accounts confirmed for the same entity and same balance request date are $0 (free).

Consolidated. Consolidated forms can be used with certain in-network responders (primarily in Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East). These forms request a search for all related accounts/products based on the client information provided by the auditor. The fee for each request is $105.00 for each of the first five (5) requests at that entity for the same balance request date per client. After the first 5 for the same entity and balance request date, additional requests are $0 (free).

AR/AP. For each entity to which you send in-network AR/AP confirmations, the fee is $26.00 per request. Please note that a single In-Network AR and AP Invoice confirmation may contain multiple invoices for the same client and responder.

Legal. For each entity to which you send in-network legal confirmations, the fee is $30.00 per request.

Out-of-Network Confirmations

Electronic. The fee for each out-of-network electronic confirmation is $2.95 per request.

Paper (Print Fulfillment). The fee for mailing each out-of-network paper confirmation is $2.95 per request. 

Paper (Self-Print PDF). The fee to self-print out-of-network paper confirmation is $0 (free). 

Credit Inquiries

Credit Inquiries. The fee for credit inquiry is paid on a per request basis and may vary between $15.00-$25.00 by participating financial institution.

Mortgage QC Audit Reverifications

Reverifications. The fee for each reverification is $25 per request.

Other Services

Address Lookup™. Address lookups through www.confirmation.com are $0 (free).

International Billing

Confirmation fees can be displayed and charged in a currency other than U.S. dollars. If requested, U.S. rates will be converted to the requested currency based a third-party exchange rate and periodic adjustments.

Response Time Guarantee

Confirmation guarantees a response to every electronic confirmation request.  If a response is not provided within the first thirty (30) days, upon request Confirmation will refund the cost of that specific account confirmation. Paper confirmations are not included.


The fees listed herein are exclusive of taxes. You will pay applicable taxes and duties (including withholding taxes, value added tax (VAT), or other taxes but excluding taxes imposed on Confirmation’s net income). Confirmation reserves the right to collect sales tax, use tax and/or value added tax (VAT) from its users where required by law. You agree to provide Confirmation written evidence of any withholding tax paid by you or any tax exemption on which you wish to rely. If you are  obliged to withhold or deduct any portion of the fees, then Confirmation shall be entitled to receive from you such amounts as will ensure that the net receipt, after tax and duties, to Confirmation in respect of the fees is the same as it would have been had the payment not been subject to the tax or duties


Credits must be requested within ninety (90) days of the original initiate and/or release date, and will be given at the lowest effective price. Credits for paper confirmations will not be given based on the responding party’s failure to respond to the request in a timely manner or at all.  All credit requests should be emailed to customer.support@confirmation.com or should be submitted in writing to:

Capital Confirmation, Inc.
Customer Support Department
214 Centerview Drive, Suite 100
Brentwood, TN 37027

Customer Support

For help or to submit a request, please write to customer.support@confirmation.com.