“We have found Confirmation to be a great tool for receiving audit requests in an accurate and transparent manner. Having adopted Confirmation, we can make the audit process paperless. We are no longer reliant on printing and posting, resulting in a more efficient service for our auditors, customers and the bank alike.”

Anne Duffy

Information & Input Hub

“Confirmation is modern, streamlined and quick! Once an online request is completed, no separate client authorisation is required and payment is made through centralised billing – where a bank letter request used to take weeks to send out, it now takes less than ten minutes. If that wasn’t enough, we are now seeing bank letters returned before the audit starts, and with accurate content, thus saving us time and, therefore, money on an audit.”

Anne Dwyer

Audit Partner and Head of Property and Construction

"We have found Confirmation to be an efficient tool for receiving timely and accurate confirmations. After fully adopting Confirmation for our bank confirmations, we have realized significant administrative savings and have received the same feedback from our audit clients."

Sam Timothy

President and Owner

"Whitley Penn is very happy with the services provided and will continue to use Confirmation to serve our clients with quick, efficient results"

Andy Hines, CPA

Audit Manager

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