Controls the Audit Confirmation Process

AR and AP Page ImageAn employee that provides false information in response to an auditor's confirmation request can put your company at risk of being associated with financial fraud. Yet the paper-based process auditors use to confirm their client's payable and/or receivable balances with your company doesn't control where confirmation letters are sent or prevent a rogue employee from sending a false response.

With you control who responds to confirmation requests, and ensure responses are received from and sent to an authorized requestor such as a CPA firm.  Plus, responding to audit confirmation requests through is completely free.

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Increases Productivity

While audit confirmations are necessary, chasing paper is not. Now you can stop the inefficient way of keeping track of multiple paper confirmation requests. When using, you can drive productivity throughout your workforce and reduce costs while achieving compliance. As a Gold Partner of The Institute of Financial Operations,

  • Streamlines confirmation workflow
  • Centralizes responses
  • Archives responses electronically

Supports Green Initiatives

Today companies are using a variety of green initiatives throughout their organization as a way to reduce their carbon footprint. Moving paper documents and manual processes into an electronic format is the easiest and most efficient way to go green. not only supports your green initiatives by reducing paper consumption, but storing documents in an electronic format saves time, money and space.