Auditors send millions of requests worldwide to their clients' banks, law firms, customers, suppliers and organizations each year asking them to confirm balances and arrangements. This 100 year old process is still often performed through the post office and email, making it inefficient, difficult to track and susceptible to fraud. is the world's leading online audit confirmation solution. Our secure platform enables auditors to confirm their clients' balances and arrangements with third parties electronically, bringing efficiency and security to the confirmation process.

Increase Efficiency
Performing audit confirmations online means that auditors and responding parties see the following benefits:

  • Confirmation response times are cut from an average of 21 days to 2 days
  • Access our service through a web browser from anywhere
  • Users experience up to 90% time savings versus other confirmation methods

Enhance Client Service
Using helps auditors to ensure that their clients' audits are not held up by outstanding confirmation responses. Staff members are freed up to focus on other areas of the audit that drive additional value for clients. Our digital authorization process enables clients to provide their authority to disclose information in seconds without the hassle of paper documents.

Combat Fraud
Paper and email confirmations are very susceptible to fraud. Our validated network of responders enables auditors to be sure that their confirmation is from a validated and authorized responder while maintaining control over the process (as required by auditing standards).